Les Fanflures - concert

Concert at Montauban

  • THE JAZZ / FUNK / HIP-HOP COPPER FANFLURES - In residence of creation from 7 to 10/1 The Fanflures Brass Band offers a very current music mixing the energy of the Hip Hop and the groove of the Funk with the richness of the Jazz repertoire. Their music straight out of the street is a concentrate of positive and communicative energy appreciated by the European public. At the same time festive and intergenerational, it gives pride of place to the brass, to the voice (singing and choruses) and to the solos, tradition of the Jazz music. After 2 EP, the release of the 1st album "Dans Ta Face! "And the eponymous clip late 2016 highlights these arrangements and effective compositions that allow the enhancement of harmonic possibilities of 8 musicians. Today The Fanflures Brass Band sound their music on two fronts: On the one hand, the stage: Concert sound where the BB Fanflures distill a festive music and quality jazz, while keeping on stage the energy and the mobility of a brass band; on the other, the street: The parade "In Your Face! »Acoustic show, ambulatory and danced.
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  • On January 10, 2019 at 19:15