Les Biskotos # Jeune Public

Music ,  Concert ,  Young people at Montauban

  • KIDS'N ROLL 2 sessions: 10H30 - 14H30 // Single price: 5 € Opening doors 30 min before the concert LES BISKOTOS Concert Rock from 6 years old Life would it be nothing but a slap? It is enough indeed to evoke the riffs of AC / DC so that the face of Grégory Allaert, singer of the Biskotos, red with a quarter turn. After consultation of the most eminent brains of psychiatry, the experts decided. Verdict: a clear case of Oedipus complex Purple. Therapy: offering MP3-fed generations the "very first rock concert of their lives. And who says rock says groove, wah-wah, larsen, slap, break, taping. We knew the Song-Writing, we must now count with the Kid-Writing Biskotos. Or how to approach, in the pop-rock sauce dear to Coldplay, Gossip or The Clash, themes such as the fulfillment of his dreams, the reason to grow or the amused observation that everything is going too fast. Like many animated films, Les Biskotos take the gamble of matching the generations. Imagine the Beatlemania with, in place of the groupies, a parterre of moms under the charm, dads quietly tapping their feet, children who dance and instit 'overflowing. Once the end credits are over, one thing itches all this beautiful world: claim a Bis (koto).
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  • Single rate
    5 €
  • On October 22, 2019 from 10:30 AM to 2:20 PM and at 2:30 PM