Les Ballets au cinéma "Giselle"

Cultural ,  Dance ,  Show at Montauban

08.04.2018 gisele ballet au cinema.jpg
  • Giselle dies of terror when she learns that Albrecht, the man she loves, is not the one he claims to be and is promised to another. His soul returns however in the form of a Wili, this vengeful spirit that makes unfaithful men dance until death ... The prima ballerina assolutta Svetlana Zakharova excels in this ultimate role of classical ballet, accompanied by the sensational stars Sergei Polunin and Ekaterina Shipulina. This infernal trio takes us into an emotional whirlwind danced to perfection on the Bolshoi scene almost continuously for over 150 years
  • On April 8, 2018 at 17:00