Le père noël est une ordure #comedy

Cultural ,  Theatre at Montauban

09.03.19 lee pere noel est une ordure VO.jpg
  • At the permanence of SOS Détresse Amitié, on Christmas Eve, Pierre Mortez and Thérèse answer the phone calls of the desperate ones .. It is not counting on the permanent inconvenience of characters more zany ones than the others who make take the evening a unexpected turn! Katia (a depressed transvestite), Zezette (a sweet idiot pregnant to the eyes), Mr. Preskovic (the Yugoslav neighbor's bad cook an invading strand) and Felix (a junk Santa Claus), lead a funny and corrosive joke where the tirades cults fly! Avis BilletReduc: "Bravo We had a great time with this cult piece, superbly interpreted by a dynamic troupe." "Superb evening Cult replicas, the game of comedians triggers crazy laughs and emotion also" Rates: 17 € / 14 €
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  • On March 9, 2019 at 21:00