Le Génie du Pote Allais suivi des Scapinettes

Theatre at Montauban

30.03.19 allais_scapinettes_30mars19.jpg
  • The genius of the friend Allais: During a nocturnal walk to Honfleur, the cat Absynthe called me to enter the world of the great Alphi ... I want to see this amazing night and make you discover or rediscover the thoughts, the fancies, the ingenuity, the news and the small museum of Honfleur. Bruno de Bouard and Gérard Garric, readers of the Embellie Company in Montauban, will accompany Pierann to remember the work of Alphonse Allais. The Scapinettes: they are two, they do not pretend to play you all the acts of Scapin's Fourberies, only to draw you with their commedia dell'arte masks some key moments of this magnificent piece. Argante, Geronte and Scapin the deceit will take you to witness the avarice of the bourgeois and the duplicity of a valet who is master in the exercise of this art. Let Jean Baptiste Pocquelin awaken in you the pleasure of seeing the stingray being blurred for the happiness of four lovers. Let yourself be savored by these replicas that are only three hundred and fifty years old. While attending the show, you can enjoy a snack (plate of charcuterie + cheese + dessert) accompanied by a glass of wine, or any other drink of your choice.
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  • Full-fare
    12 €
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    10 €
  • On March 30, 2019 at 21:00