Le Cri du Cosmos

Exhibition at Montauban

02.08.19 au 31.08.19 le cri du cosmos.jpg
  • An unusual exhibition, born on the anniversary of 50 years of the first step of the man on the moon and the meeting with the artist Luc Billières. How and why does matter act and react? Which laws govern it? By identifying selected moments, Luc Billières creates an object that illustrates this intention, touching a scientific reality. After laying the foundations of the environment (gravity, magnetic fields ...), Luc Billières breaks down his work into three main areas. "Cratering", or how materials amalgamate creating the receptacle; the "promises of life", or how of the material born something by the contribution of additional particles, with for example the comets or other pulsar. And finally the "memories of the earth", or how trying not to be too defeatist, the artist evokes the human footprint. Free admission from Tuesday to Saturday from 11h to 18h
  • From August 2, 2019 until August 31, 2019