La première, 20 ans après !?

Theatre at Montauban

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  • Theater Everything is ready: the set is in place, the spectators are well installed in the room, the lights come on, the actor is ready to go on stage, the three shots are (almost) given ... and the troubles begin. .. The author indulges in delirium in which prevails the jubilation of the game in the game and the mise en abyme of his reflections on the theater. The director tries to organize this delusion. The actor plays, in between-mingling, the characters of the written fiction and the character "author-actor-director". The spectator tries to untie the sons. At the same time those of the story told to him and those of the story of him who tells it. And he laughs. Funny situations of which he is the witness and of the situation of which he is the accomplice and the victim (consenting). "Superb show ... reflection on the theater approached in finesse ... the intelligence of the text, adds the talent of the actor Jean-Marie Combelles knows how to make laugh". La Dépêche du Midi Writing, direction and interpretation: Jean-Marie Combelle Lights: Adrien Poussous RATES: 10/13/15 €
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    10 €
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    13 €
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    15 €
  • On January 17, 2020