L'affaire Guédon

Show at Montauban

06.12.19 & 07.12.19 l'affaire Guédon.jpg
  • ONE MAN SHOW Imagine: millions of deaths, riots all over France, a country with fire and blood ... These are the consequences of the "Guedon affair". So many questions remain unanswered. Working secretly to the improbable reconciliation between Racine and Nabilla, François Guédon delivers his humor finely fat with the touch of impertinence that suits ... Internet review: "a future great laughter man" to make it short ... "the gedon business" is by far the most offbeat, best built, and most funniest one man show I have ever seen. I think that in a few years if we want to see this artist he will have to go to much bigger rooms and pay his place much more expensive. it's all the harm I wish him :) "12/02/19" Must see "" Certainly one of the best one man show I've seen in recent years. Finely written and subtly interpreted. We laugh from beginning to end. "21/04/19 Rates: 17/14 euros
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  • From December 6, 2019
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