Kamishibaï : le petit cheval bleu

Young people at Bressols

04.03.2020 Kamishibai.jpg
  • On his small farm, Martin picked large bouquets of flowers. But who to offer them to? In her lost valley, there was neither Cinderella nor Belle with the dreaming meadow. He was bored ... One sad day, he sat down with his armful of blueberries. His little greedy horse approached to console him and nibbled on his bouquet ... So then! The horse took on the color of the flowers! Seeing a bed of daffodils, Martin had an idea. What if… Nathalie tells you the story of the little blue horse with the help of her kamishibaï, a small wooden Japanese theater, where the story is based on illustrations.
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  • On March 4, 2020 at 5:00 PM