Jeux d'ombres, je de lumières - exposure

Exhibition at Montauban

03.04.2018 au 09.06.2018 expo jeux d'ombres mémo.jpg
  • Since autumn 2017, the photographer Arno Brignon accompanies teenagers followed by the services of the Judicial Protection of Youth (PJJ) to introduce them to photography and more particularly to pinhole photography. This work is reflected in about twenty unique pictures, full of poetry and place for the imagination, exposed to the Memo from April 3 to June 9. The shots took place at the IDDEES Recycling Center in Caussade, a partner of the PJJ in its work of insertion: a place rich in history, in heterogeneous treasures and in humanity. The project was set up by the Montauban Open Educational Unit (UEMO) and the Déclic association (Toulouse), with the support of the Occitanie Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs and the Interregional Directorate for the Judicial Protection of Southern Youth as part of the interministerial culture / justice protocol. This project is fully in line with the cultural policy of the City of Montauban, which offers many events, exhibitions and cultural activities to promote access to culture for all, especially the youngest and those who are the more distant. It is with this same desire for openness and inclusion that the City is currently working on a long-term partnership with the Montauban prison. Arno Brignon Educator Specialized in training, Arno Brignon came to photography through documentary. Born in Paris in 1976, he moved to Toulouse in the 2000s. In 2009, he left his job as an educator specialized in prevention, to follow a year of training at ETPA and work only for photography. His first works were built between documentary and intimacy, between reality and fiction, the territory becoming the base of his intention; first, in the district of Mirail in Toulouse where he was a specialized educator, then in Corbeil Essonne in residence, or in these enclave territories that surround Spain. In parallel with his creative work (awarded by the National Center for Plastic Arts and the scoop festival in Angers) or the order for the press (Le Monde, L'Humanité, Answer Photo), opposed to the idea that the Photography is a solitary practice, Arno Brignon anime workshops and photography classes. These are for him so many spaces of meeting and experimentation.
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