Jefferey Jordan One Man Show

Show at Montauban

12 & 13.10.18 Jeffrey Jordan.jpg
  • A one-man-not-only-in-scene that makes way for a couple as welded as absurd, as cynical as atypical ... Poster accordparfaitA comedy show, musical and unpublished, in tune with the times, who deploys torrents of metaphors to talk to you about love with humor and poetry. In this new show, Jefferey Jordan focuses on his childhood, his vision of homosexuality in our current society, but especially on his love affair with Jean-Jacques ... His violin! On the other hand, comedians of his generation, Jefferey Jordan pulls the rope for nearly an hour. A show that rises crescendo, at the same rate as the harmonies he plays us throughout the show. At once poetic, trashy and musical, the mix of humor and music works wonders. The incisive text marries magnificently well the scales of the violin. A new look in the French humorous landscape, which will not leave you indifferent ...
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    17 €