Inuït - concert

Concert at Montauban

  • Coline. Alexis. Pablo. Pierre. Rémy. Simon. An average age of 25, a geographical origin that lies around Nantes and a passion, furious, visceral, sometimes reasoned, for music. It's a band that does not plan to play, express or compose without one another. It's Inüit. Inüit means "to be human" in the language of this North American people, which speaks volumes about the group's state of mind: to be together and to look in the same direction. That is to say a plural pop, open to all contrary winds, where each individuality is powerful, but where the music is the work of a collective ... The influences of the group are remarkable eclecticism: Radiohead, Steve Reich, Tame Impala, Vince Staples, Aphex Twin, Burial, Brad Mehldau ... From contemporary music to jazz to pop, hip-hop and electronics, where each inspiration feeds the style, sometimes experimental, sometimes organic, sometimes electronic. And sometimes all at once! But above all, their visceral songs shine by their ability to be embodied live. This confirms Inüit's prime, even primitive goal: to share their music with those around them. Bursting into the contemporary pop landscape, Inuït reminds us of the singular reality of our fantasies.
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    From 16 € to 20 €
  • On February 8, 2019 at 21:00