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Literature at Montauban

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  • Rencontre Lecture with Aurélia Lassaque, poet of French & Occitan expression, animated by Brice Torrecillas Aurélia Lassaque dreams and writes in two languages, French and Occitan. A cosmopolitan poet, animated by a real taste of the stage, she makes her poetry heard in France and abroad in musical readings where sometimes singing, painting and dancing take place. His first collection, Pour que chantent les salamandres, published by Éditions Bruno Doucey in 2013, has been translated into several languages ​​and often spoken. In 2017, she published a second collection at the same publisher, In Search of a Face. In this text, Aurélia Lassaque takes us behind her Ulysses, the man who talks with "Elle", a lover who has no name. In these long intertwined poetic songs, composed in two languages, Occitan and French, the author gives life to two characters who populate her imagination forever. And there emerges the first evidence of poetry: love draws its strength from death that suspends the dialogue of lovers; time is boring our seasons but our joys are stubborn and stand up to nothingness. Manifestation proposed by Occitanie Book and Reading as part of TOTAL FESTUM: GREAT FESTIVAL OF OCCITAN AND CATALAN CULTURES Free but necessary participation / reservation recommended (limited places)