How pacifism came out transformed from the ordeal of the 1914-1918 war

Lecture at Montauban

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  • Conference The war in 1914 was not inevitable, although many pushed it inconsiderately. The pacifist forces existed and are better studied by historiography today: Society for Arbitration between Nations, Association Peace through Law, Socialist International led by Jean Jaurès. But the war took place. Those who have had the terrible experience have proclaimed unanimously: "Never again! ". But their action has taken various forms: patriotic pacifism of the associations of veterans, defenders of the League of Nations, partisans of peace at any price. Rémy Cazals is Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Toulouse-Jean-Jaurès. The war of 1914-1918 is one of its lines of research. He has published numerous testimonies including that of the pacifist cooper Louis Barthas; he wrote the collective book 500 witnesses of the Great War. He also wrote a biography of Jean Jaurès. With the financial support of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs Occitanie By Rémy Cazals Free admission
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