Hommes rouges, fils de la Terre - concert

Concert at Montauban

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  • Concert Working on the culture of the Amerindians, it is opening one of the richest cultural heritage of humanity: poetry, music, plastic arts etc. Moreover, the message that we always send the Indians of America is the more burning news if we want our children to have a future on this earth: "we are only passing guests, somewhere between the ant and the mountain, on our Mother Earth, we did not inherit from but we borrow it from our children with the duty of transmitting it to them in a state of giving life. "This is all that we give to hear and see in this poetic concert." E. Fabre-Maigné, Vero Dubuisson, Denis Leroux, Pascal Portejoie Recitative, poems choruses: Elrick Fabre-Maigné Songs, chorus, bass, percussions, compositions: Véro dubuisson Guitar, vocals, choirs, percussion, compositions: Denis Leroux Percussions, compositions: Pascal Portejoie RATES: 10 €
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  • On October 11, 2019 at 8:30 PM