Hip Hop(s) or not !?

Dance at Montauban

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  • Urban Dance Hip-Hop (S) or not ...? : a true false conference on Hip-Hop culture! To be or not to be hip-hop, that is the question! If this only evokes for you the image of jogging young people who turn on the head, a catch-up session is necessary! Ingrid Chasseur, a lecturer a bit imbued with false airs of bourgeois glasses, relies on the presence of two dancers to unveil the origin and evolution of this culture: music, graffiti and especially dance. Quickly, it's the question of appearances that arises: hip-hop, is it a look, an attitude, a philosophy? This (true-false) funny and playful conference wrings the neck with the received ideas and ends up in a sensitive and poetic universe, illustrating the nuances and the complexity of this movement. And finally, all that ... is it hip-hop or not? Choreographer: Milène Duhameau Actress and author: Chrystel Pellerin Dancers / performers: Milène Duhameau and Angel Sinant Compassion: Rachel Dufour School sessions Thursday March 19th PRICE: 8/5 €
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  • On March 20, 2020 at 8:30 PM