Good Bye Wall Street

Show ,  Comedy at Montauban

17 Full-fare
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  • ONE MAN SHOW An actor, a story, fourteen characters. In Goodbye Wall Street, Fouad does not come to chain the valves or the sketches but to tell us a story. On stage, he addresses his father to tell him of his desire to leave his job as a trader to become an actor and thus realize his childhood dream. He takes advantage of this tender exchange to tell us about his unusual life journey in which fourteen colorful characters intersect, which Fouad brilliantly interprets, making the Press say that "It is a play in itself . " "Goodbye Wall Street" is the opportunity to discover a complete artist who knows how to make people laugh, play comedy, sing, dance and tap, in the service of a text written with delicacy, or the intelligence of rhythm and meaning , make it a very good show.
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  • From April 24, 2020
    until April 25, 2020
  • Friday
    at 9:00 PM
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    at 9:00 PM