Fête de la musique

Fête de la musique (Music festival) at Montauban

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  • The Festival of Music is Friday, June 21, the day of the summer solstice. a large, free, popular event open to all musicians, amateurs of all levels and professionals, it celebrates live music and showcases the breadth and diversity of musical practices, as well as all musical genres. it is aimed at all audiences and helps to familiarize young and old with all the musical expressions of all social conditions. the Directorate of Cultural Development and Heritage organizes several concerts and events in the city and accompanies the associations that have made the request. Place Nationale 20h: Aramsu Jazz The quartet Aramsu jazz will take you on the planet of emotion and musical sharing with the best of jazz standards. Come to discover musicians invested and ready to make you share their pleasure! 22h: Salsa Parrilla Latin orchestra of the region of Toulouse and Montauban, the Parrilla, are seven musicians gathered around a salsa repertoire. The band revisits the great standards of this music from Cali to Puerto Rico, passing through New York and Havana. A colorful music, brilliant and very popular with lovers of Latin dances will await you national place. Fountains Esplanade 21h: Copyright Peirani. Jazz class at the Montauban Conservatory / Art Direction David Haudréchy. 22:30 Funky Old School Family. For 10 years, the Old School Funky Family sows its groove on the stages and festivals of France. Throughout his compositions, the instrumental octet has found its style: a shaking US Funk base from Nigerian Afrobeat, with a focus on improvisation and interactivity. Their goal is both to shake the dance-foor while flattering the more discerning ears! The Memo From 12h to 14h: Too much Hop / Ambient by Conspirason Place Lalaque. 18h: Choir of Villebourbon kindergarten, group MJC (singing in capella). 20h30: Preface (French varieties) and Worn Shoes (rock / rhythm'n'blues / soul). 19h30 at the Modern: The Neighbor to René (Rock'n Grunge). Old College 19h: The great choir of Rio. A choir like no other that embraces and generously revisits many mythical standards of contemporary music with a good touch of humor and a zest of madness. Picquart Square From 5pm to 2am: Electro / electro swing / dumb bass board by Conspirason, in partnership with Radio Association. Rue du Greffe 20h30 at the N ° 12 (L'affine Bouche): Cosmic Five (pop / rock). The Emperor's Alley 20h to 2h, at the N ° 1 (Garden Ice Café): Kizomba, salsa, bachata by the association Dikay Even's. Republic street. 20h to 23h30, at the n ° 21 (bookshop La Femme fox): Percussions, African dances by the Bakuruba association. Saint Jacques Church 8 pm: Vocal on stage (vocal group / French and international variety). Olympe de Gouges Theater 7pm: street dance 9pm: world dances and ballroom dances by the DrissDanse association Rue de la Resistance 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm, at No. 27 (people's shoes): Lindy Hop and Balboa (swing dances) by the Association Temps Danse Événements.
  • On June 21, 2019