Festival Les Saisons Hanabi

Cinema at Montauban

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  • From June 5th to 18th, the CGR LE PARIS cinema will come to the colors of Japan with a program of 15 films in VOSTF: THE HANABI SEASONS. The weather is at its head, the seasons are muddled, the sky is capricious, but Hanabi has the cure: to make his own Seasons, with or without the collaboration of the sun! It is with joy that the Hanabi Spring arrives this June 5th. Then it is the week that follows that will be linked Summer, we are waiting for June 12: the beautiful days arrive ahead of schedule! On the program, we will talk zombies, ecology, maternity, Zen, love and science fiction - enough to satisfy all eyes! Each season will have its own theme and we have chosen for spring that of the amae, a typical Japanese feeling that describes the act of abandoning oneself in the sweetness of interdependent relationships. This feeling, we find in the films of Ryûsuke HAMAGUCHI talented young director who has marked in recent months with the SENSES film saga and dedicated to Cannes with ASAKO I & II. He will continue to surprise us with PASSION, his first film. The Japanese heroines are also in the spotlight: first through the opening film, a sensitive animated whose title will not fail to make talk, I WANT TO EAT YOUR PANCREAS, then with the latest film by Kirin Kiki, great touching mother of THE DELIGHTS OF TOKYO (Naomi KAWASE, 2015) who left us a few months ago and illuminated IN A GARDEN THAT WAS ETERNAL. To close the festival, we will propose to the spectators a #CINEXPERIENCE in association with SENSCRITIQUE: a surprise film unpublished at the cinema of which we keep preciously the secret. It is the takai, in other words the "other world", that the Hanabi Seasons summer program will highlight. In Japan, an animist country, nature is the receptacle of kami, deities or spirits, both near and far, familiar and mysterious. The film that will open the summer season is Maquia by Mari Okada, a superb first heroic fantasy film about motherhood. Then, at the national exit, Do not cut! by Shin'ichirô Ueda, the biggest success of the Japanese independent cinema, sacred best Japanese film of 2019 (Kinotayo). Live from the Cabourg Festival, you can discover The man who came from the sea of Koji Fukada, a magic film with romantic accents, by the director of Harmonium. Another animated film to brighten up the season: A summer with Coo, an ode to friendship (and animality!), Will be the perfect opportunity to give the audience a focus on director Keiichi Hara with Wonderland, the kingdom without rain, a wonderful ecological fable, as beautiful as a Miyazaki, presented at the Annecy Festival. In European premiere, Anticipation Japan, five stories by five Japanese directors who imagine the Japan of tomorrow, a choral work orchestrated by Hirokazu Kore-eda, director webcast in Cannes in 2018 with A family affair. And to close in beauty this promising summer, Tenzo de Katsuya Tomita, a journey through the zen between tradition and modernity, selected in Cannes this year. The program in detail: I WANT TO EAT YOUR PANCREAS: Wednesday, June 5 at 14:30 PASSION: Thursday, June 6 at 20:45 SENSES 1 & 2: Friday, June 7 at 18h IN A GARDEN THAT WE DID ETERNEL: Saturday, June 8 at 18h ASAKO I & II: Sunday, June 9 at 1:45 pm SENSES 3 & 4: Monday, June 10 at 18:15 SENSES 5: Monday, June 10 at 21h SURPRISE FILM: Tuesday, June 11 at 18:15 MAQUIA: Wednesday, June 12 at 18:15 DO NOT CUT! : Thursday, June 13 at 21h THE MAN WHO COME FROM THE SEA: Friday, June 14 at 18:15 SUMMER WITH COO: Saturday, June 15 at 14:30 WONDERLAND: Sunday, June 16 at 20:30 ANTICIPATION JAPAN: Monday, June 17 at 18:15 TENZO: Tuesday, June 18 at 18h15 Prices: 6 € for card holders CGR / 60 € pass 15 films (+ 2.90 € card purchase) Usual rates for those who do not have the card CGR.
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  • From June 5, 2019 until June 18, 2019