Exposition "Montauban, carrefour de destinées 1939-1945"

Cultural ,  Exhibition at Montauban

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  • MONTAUBAN, CARREFOUR DE DESTINÉES 1939-1945 SDC / Memory Center, Museum of Resistance and Combatant Former College - From 16/07 to 31/08 Thousands of refugees, fleeing the Nazi advance and the fascist regimes, meet again in Montauban , land of withdrawal and welcome. Belgians, Alsatians, Moslems, Italians, Spaniards, Austrians, Jews of Central Europe, exiled and persecuted, hope to find in the city of Ingres, support, assistance, help and the possibility of a new life. On June 22, 1940, a page of history turns, France defeated, occupied in part by the German troops must face. In Montauban, life is organized, convinced Petainists rub shoulders and meet the resistance of the first hour and all these companions of misfortune. Montauban will be for them the crossroads of their destinies. Free entry. Rens. : 05 63 66 03 11 / www.museeresistance.montauban.com
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