Exhibition / Nicole CASTEX et Jean BARBELANNE

Exhibition ,  Show at Montauban

28.02.2019 au 26.03.2019 Nicole Castex & Jean Barbelanne.jpg
  • Nicole CASTEX is an autodidact but always involved in the art world. After a few pictorial productions (oils on canvas, painting on wood etc ..) she turned to sculpture ... For ten years, seduced by the beauty of driftwood, she never tired of creating emotions to From the feeling she has in discovering these pieces ... The relationship to time is pregnant, it strengthens it by associating with wood rusty metal, polished pebbles ... Jean BARBELANNE is a self-taught and independent painter. Faithful to his temperament, in order to escape any convention, any academicism, he gives free rein to the emergence of a personal, subjective imagination, in search of an aesthetic shock, responding to a tenacious will to express himself, then to share. A figurative painter, tending towards Expressionism, by more and more of a sketch, but without going to abstraction (too intellectual). >>> Opening: February 28, 2019 from 6:30 pm.
  • From February 28, 2019 until March 26, 2019