Evolution of the workforce at the Sainte-Marguerite de Castelsarrasin factory from 1920 to 1939

Lecture at Montauban

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  • Conference In the aftermath of the Armistice, and in the years that followed, until 1924, the Sainte-Marguerite factory returned to its traditional productions and experienced brutal variations in its workforce, as well as a drop in production. In 1922, with the start of aluminum work and the production of semi-finished products, the plant found a revival of activity from 1926. Moreover, in the aftermath of the Great War, the shortage of manpower the French industry suffers once again, forces the factory management to recruit foreign labor. We are moving from temporary immigration to permanent immigration. Another particularity, this immigration is essentially of European origin. "Bernard Ouardes is president of the Castelsarrasinois Heritage Preservation Association and author of the book, The Sainte Marguerite factory in Castelsarrasin in the turmoil of 14-18" With the financial support of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs Occitanie: By Bernard Ouardes Free Admission
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