European Tour 2019 Orphaned Land #concert

Concert at Montauban

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  • ORPHANED LAND (ISR) Orphaned Land is an Israeli oriental metal folk band from Petah Tikva. Influenced by metal doom and death metal, their music mixes oriental instruments and vocals. The group is considered as the pioneer of the oriental metal, and is today part of the most known groups of the kind, with in particular Myrath or Melechesh. After the very direct All Is One in 2013, Orphaned Land returns in 2018 with Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs, a more complex album, with more metal sounds and themes still involved. After the departure of guitarist Yossi Sassi, the group proves that he has rebounded. Kobi Farhi, the singer and founder of the group, is inspired by the allegory of Plato's cave to depict our modern world where men prefer to lock themselves in the superficial, news people for example, rather than open eyes on the reality of the outside world. This state of dependence and ignorance is highlighted in the beautiful piece that opens the album, The Cave. Musically, the progressive structure of this title shows a happy mix between oriental melodies and the band's own metal. Orphaned Land also comes back to death vocals to beef up his compositions, like We Do Not Resist. The oriental influence is particularly strong throughout the disc, especially on Propaganda with the use of saz and bouzouki, while the Hebrew chant appears on Yedidi SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE (ISR) American progressive metal group, formed in 1997 by the guitarist Tomer Pink. While Subterranean Masquerade is generally recognized as a progressive metal band, it also boasts jazz, psychedelic rock and avant-garde metal influences2. Note also the use of guttural singing, as well as oriental sounds on The Great Bazaar3, elements not part of the usual codes of progressive metal PARATRA (India) group of rock and electronic music formed in early 2012 and based in Mumbai, in India. The band released their first GENESIS album on January 1, 2017 and this album is a double-disc composed of a rock version and an electronic version. Paratra members include guitarist Samron Jude, who is also the lead singer of heavy metal band SystemHouse33, and sitarist Akshat Deora. The group performed at the Sunburn Festival, India
  • On April 12, 2019 at 9:00 PM