Emergency exit

Theatre at Montauban

17 Full-fare
28.02.20 & 29.02.20 issue de secours.jpg
  • "Emergency exit" is the story of the last flight of an experienced pilot and his ambitious co-pilot, who wishes to succeed him! Unfortunately, all good things come to an end ... And what was to be a pleasant and joyful last flight between our two friends will turn into a veritable terribly funny nightmare ... Between "Is there a pilot in the 'plane ?" and the quirky humor of Monthy Python, "Issue de Secours" leads you into totally absurd gags! Good to know: Benjamin and Hadrien are the co-authors of the show by the successful comedian Laura Calu. Entrance: 14 to 17 €
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  • Full-fare
    17 €
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    14 €
  • From February 28, 2020
    until February 29, 2020
  • Friday
    at 9:00 PM
  • Saturday
    at 9:00 PM