El Comunero #concer’tôt – « La Retirada »

Concert at Montauban

  • "The Spanish War and the 80th anniversary of the Retirada" The year 2019 will be the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Retirada. Cultural projects that deal with the issue, are supported by the Occitania Region and address not only the general public but also, in school, students of Colleges & High Schools. The project is presented in 3 stages: * Exhibition "they have names and faces" of D. Fernandez at the Museum of Resistance and Fighter - Montauban: From 13 to 15/5 - Free admission - Dominique Fernandez has been working for a year for the association IRIS (Routes Research and Initiatives of the South) and in collaboration with the Democratic Memorial of the Generalitat of Catalonia. He made filmed interviews with Spanish exiles in order to build an archive. On this occasion, he took a portrait of each of them that he puts in front with a cliche taken during the time of exile and that they were entrusted to him. This confrontation of "archive" images and faces of today brings a new look at these events. * Film-debate at the Rio Grande Thursday 16/5 - from 18h - Free admission - Around the film ANGEL, A CHILDHOOD IN EXILE by Stéphane Fernandez * Follow-up of the concert of EL COMUNERO at the Rio Grande Songs of struggle of the Spanish Republic - "Il there is in El Comunero some of the magic of a philosopher's stone; this capacity to change the memory of gold makes it so vivid that it seems to us that, by the liking of a song, we hold in our arms the beautiful Republic, the beauty of the just, the strength of utopias. »Pierre Domenges
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  • On May 16, 2019 at 7:15 PM