Dinos + Therapetik

Music ,  Concert at Montauban

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  • #Rap Opening of the doors 8:30 pm - Concert 9:00 pm RATES: 18 € (presale / discounted) - 22 € (on the spot) 🍔 Food truck NOMAD kitchen in the courtyard of Rio Grande. Possibility of salty / sweet food, from 20:30. #DINOS → After the critical success of his first album Imany and a successful tour, Dinos will be back on November 29, 2019 with #Taciturne, a second album that promises to be more introspective, instinctive and more in step with reality. Here, the artist discovers another way to create by capturing the inspiration of the moment. This journey accompanies the reflections of a man on his relationship to notoriety, the neighborhood, religion. Throughout the album, he disseminates the complexity of his thought by small touches. Dinos is transformed into a painter who by his brushstrokes harmonizes the forms, the colors. His reflections are expressed with justice and lucidity, he often comes close to disenchantment. Words are strong, ideas too. Surrounded mainly by Wavmaker and Kamil Osmanov (both at SPKTAQLR), Twenty9 and 404 Humans (Kyu Steed, Chapo, Heizenberg) Dinos structures with his beatmakers the hue of his music. #THERAPETIK → Hip-Hop crosses the generations and constantly reinvents itself by being a powerful means of expression. Therapetik is a trait-d'union, the missing link between French Hip-Hop with chiseled and introspective texts and American Hip-Hop with dancing and effective choruses. We find the influences of Kendrick Lamar, Run The Jewels, Tyler The Creator or Vince Staples ...
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    22 €
  • On March 13, 2020 from 8:30 PM to 12:30 AM