Cuarteto TafÍ - Semillas

Concert at Montauban

10 Full-fare
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  • Concert Born in France, the Cuarteto TafÍ is the improbable meeting of an Argentinian voice, a Greek bouzouki, a flamenco guitar and Afro-Latin percussions. At the crossroads of contrary winds, he found his vanishing point in Argentina, in this pampa rich in traditional unsung styles (chacareras, zambas) blooming in the shade of august tango. Having traveled this territory in explorers, then virtuosos, our four artists ended up planting their own seeds (semillas). Today, there is emancipated music belonging to them, a fusion of multiple trajectories. Their songs speak of new lives, furtive encounters with the past, broken boundaries or the hope of a united territory. Pieces of universal distilled by the golden voice and sun of Leonor. "A fresh wind of creativity, quality and originality is blowing on Argentina! »Eduardo Makaroff / Gotan Project RATES: 8/10 €
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  • On April 30, 2020 at 9:00 PM