Connaissance du monde - Des Carpates au Danube

Cultural ,  Cinema at Montauban

  • they who know it will retort: ​​"How could it be otherwise? Yet in the minds of many of us still, prejudices abound about it. But today, what are the realities of this country so close by language and culture? Ambitious project ... For despite its accession to the EU in 2007, Romania still remains an unknown land, an ambiguous country. If I spent 5 years of my life, a book and a report to Romania, it is mainly for the kindness of its inhabitants, but also for the diversity of its landscapes and its history, sad and rich at the same time. And above all, for its human diversity since no less than 23 ethnic minorities live side by side in this mini-Europe of peoples. So this time has arrived, my dreams and this successful project, to present you another Romania, a Romania off the beaten track and up to men, all conditions and all denominations ... A Romania sometimes tinged with nostalgia, always hopeful. And above all, my feelings, my life in these so close and so little known lands ... where everywhere, I sought the excellence of the image! An invitation to travel to the borders of Europe, between nature, culture and history, as the seasons go by ... A trip we never wish to return!
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