Conference « Le tantrisme, ou l’art de la présence»

Lecture at Montauban

24.05.2019 Conférence Le tantrisme, ou l’art de la présence shivaïte.jpg
  • Frédéric Volle offers you a discovery of "Tantrisme Shivaïte" a very old philosophy from India. how to find a greater presence in everyday life by developing the quality and intensity of our sensoriality and our concentration on the moment without returning to the past and without projecting into the future. The art of life. A first step to then live and accept emotions, desires and thoughts. As part of the teachings "Body and Spirituality", an appointment to integrate spirituality into everyday life. The speaker Frédéric Volle is a teacher of qigong and meditation and author of booklets on major themes of spirituality.
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  • On May 24, 2019 at 8:00 PM