Concert musiques actuelles "Loa Frida"

Concert at Montauban

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  • Loa Frida Bipolar Concert, Music Loa Frida is a trio singing / keyboards / vibraphone + rhythmic sampled led by singer and songwriter Anka Ujma. Loa Frida was founded in late 2011 around the compositions and the voice of Anka Ujma. It is part of a hybrid aesthetic combining sweet and airy pop melodies, electro sounds and complex structures inspired by minimalist repetitive music. In 2014, Loa Frida evolves with the arrival of vibraphonist Juliette Carlier. Loa Frida thus becomes a trio singing / vibraphone / keyboards + machines. Stylistically unclassifiable, the music of Loa Frida is located in an unlikely space that combines minimalist beauty in an almost classic sense and avant-garde experimentation ... All Public Duration: 1h Full price: 10 € Reduced price: 8 € employment, beneficiaries of social minima, under 25, Cezam)
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    10 €
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    8 €
  • On April 4, 2019 at 9:00 PM