Concert Chansons littéraires

Concert at Montauban

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  • Marie Modiano Poor song Concert, Music Actress, having studied drama at the Royal Academy of London, poet, singer and writer. Marie Modiano is known for a collection of poetry, Espérance Mathématique, for her albums, one of which is the setting of the above-mentioned collection by her companion Peter Von Poehl, and for her novels Upsilon Scorpii and Lointain). She is obviously also known for being the daughter of a Nobel Prize for Literature, Patrick Modiano. In February 2018, Marie Modiano simultaneously published her new album "Pauvre chanson" and her new collection of poems bearing the same title; in addition to about forty unpublished poems, the book reproduces all the lyrics of the songs. Peter von Poehl again signs the production of this new album and has co-composed most titles. Marie Modiano signed all the texts with the exception of the title "The black dog of sorrow" written by her father, Patrick Modiano. All Public Duration: 1h30 Full price: 10 € Reduced price: 8 € (job seekers, beneficiaries of the minimum social benefits, under 25 years old, Cezam)
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  • On January 17, 2019 at 21:00