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  • Cumbiero Balkaniko / Electro Swing Hip-Hop Evening SIDI WACHO Sidi Wacho was born from the meeting between Saïdou, singer of MAP (Ministry of Popular Affairs) and Juanito Ayala, a Chilean cumbiero. Followed closely by a gaggle of furious musicians, this collective sweeps over France like an avalanche of "buenas ondas" that makes the walls fall between the borders of genres. On the background of Hip-Hop, cumbia and Balkan music, Sidi Wacho denounces the social inequalities, racism and reality of the working-class neighborhoods of France and Chile. Or when words are a weapon for a peaceful struggle. KKC ORCHESTRA The KKC is a case apart. Breaking the codes and moving the boxes, based on a powerful bass and the fatal flow of an oldschool hip hop, they reinvent a universe where the universality of swing alongside the modernity of electro. Electrons free, it is without artifice that they fired and rapped on the scenes of Europe since 5 years now. Their charm and soul is to make words a weapon. They state to denounce, but the only lesson they give is on the dance floor. Impossible not to raise your hands in front of these insatiable musicians!
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