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  • Concert Afro Beat with Seun Kuti and Egypt'80 SEUN KUTI & EGYPT '80 Seun Kuti, youngest son of Fela, continues to distill on the international stages the inheritance of his father, creator and undisputed king of Afrobeat, a lost genius twenty years ago. The 9-year-old Seun expressed the wish to sing for his father, and began playing with him and the latter's group some time later. When he died, he became the singer of Egypt '80 to follow in his father's footsteps, both musical and in terms of his beliefs. By digging deep into different African traditions, Seun Kuti has brought his own touch to the music by reflecting the difficulties and cultures of the continent. On stage he has the grace, the energy and the fury of Fela, and tames the legendary big band of 14 musicians, which he directs since the death of his father, to revive the most original incarnation of the Afro beat! !!
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