Complot dans l'dico ou les aventures de risque au pays des mots

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  • The prevention association MAIF 82 presents a production of the Dunes Theater "COMPLOT IN THE DICO OR ADVENTURES OF RISK IN THE COUNTRY OF WORDS". Welcome to the land of words! In this country, the word people live as humans live in their cities; the words have a life that is theirs and their own: they bicker, visit, cook and plot ... One day, in this country that is also called "Dico", some inhabitants convinced that their life would be quieter without " Risk ", decide to make it disappear. Finally a life cradled by "Routine" and "Habitude", they think! Farewell calculated risk, goodbye risk estimation, farewell risk and perils ... But "Accident" and "Catastrophe" are there, carpeted in the shadows and ready to take the power with "Chaos"! And here is our "Dico" who knows dark days, "Prudence" decays, "Parrot" panics, "Panic" exults ... The "Dico" will he manage to find his balance, his joy of living and risk appetite? Sessions for all ages 8 and up on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th January at 6:30 pm at the Théâtre Olympe de Gouges - 4 place Lefranc de Pompignan Montauban Register by flasking the QR-Code of the poster or by email prevention.maif82@maif .com
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  • From January 15, 2019
    until January 16, 2019
  • Tuesday
    at 18:30
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