Cinéma documentaire " Un vrai faussaire"

at Montauban

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  • Documentary cinema A talented and thuggish painter, Guy Ribes, 65, is the most prolific French forger known to date having flooded the art market for 30 years. In 2005, the police seized more than a hundred of his "fake" and in 2010 the Court of Créteil sentenced him to three years in prison, including one year farm. Guy Ribes never copied anything. His Picasso, his Matisse, his Chagall, and other Léger have the deceptive appearance of the "true" and equal their inspirers. But how many fakes from his hand, authenticated by experts, still live on the walls of collectors, galleries or museums? And in the pages of catalogs reasoned? Guy Ribes gives us the secrets of making his "unbalanced" contant, with a banter marlou, a life of flames, fun and scams. The last, the one that made it fall, straight out of a black series. We meet a bogus widow, fake heirs, a Swiss "pigeon" collector and unscrupulous merchants. The police officer who arrested him, the prosecutor, the forensic expert and a fuzzy collector reveal the other facets of this incredible character, who could be thought straight out of a fiction ... Throughout the film, the Guy Ribes's brush creates before our eyes a painting that seems to be in the hand of the masters who inspired it. All public Free admission Duration: 1h30
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  • On January 8, 2019 at 20:30