Cinéma documentaire Starck contre Starck

at Montauban

07.05.2018 starck contre strack.jpg
  • Starck vs Starck Vassili Silovic (France, 2017) Documentary cinema Success, money, recognition and admiration ... On this land and in its domain, Philippe Starck has accomplished everything, everything known, everything succeeded. An omnipresent designer, the objects he has designed adorn our everyday world. Accustomed to being celebrated Starck is not surprised that we want to make a film about him. But he gives his agreement to the project only on the express condition that this film is unlike anything that has already been seen. He does not want anyone to talk about his life, his work, or his plans. If this film is to be done, it is his mind that he will have to deal with, it is the inside of his brain that he will have to show. Vassili Silovic, a filmmaker, is challenged to achieve this tour de force. He doubts, accepts and then gets into the game. The film is made up of two people who collaborate on a crazy project. In 52 minutes, this "work in progress" that could have been called "3 or 4 meetings with Starck in view of a portrait" plunges us into the heart of a creative process, gradually revealing the approach and artistic thought Philippe Starck. All public Free admission Duration: 52 mn
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  • On May 7, 2019 at 8:30 PM