Cinéma documentaire " L'océan électro"

at Montauban

12.02.2019 ocean electro.jpeg
  • The Electro Ocean by Philippe Orreindy (France, 2015) Documentary cinema A composer of electro music, Romain, known as Molécule, embarks on a trawler. He dreams of confronting the elements and the storm to create an album of a dozen titles for five weeks ... A captain in charge of Joseph Roty II and his fifty-nine sailors must fish for as many fish as possible ... Each day, the captain annotates in his logbook all the events. Romain writes a travel diary .. Can the captain avoid the storm so as not to lower his productivity? On the contrary, will the musician succeed in confronting the elements and overcoming his fears to find a new inspiration? Will he get used to the conditions on board? To be accepted by the sailors and to finalize his album? ... Two looks on the ocean, a meeting, surprising and exceptional, between the music and the fishing industry on the high seas ... All public Free admission Duration: 52 mn
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  • On February 12, 2019 at 20:30