Cine debate

Cinema at Montauban

  • The Montauban film club organizes a film club session with the screening of Luis Bunuel's (1964) film "LE JOURNAL D'UNE FEMME DE CHAMBRE" (1964) with Jeanne Moreau, Michel Piccoli, Georges Geret and Daniel Ivernel. NB Duration: 1 H 38. This is a film from the last period of Bunuel, mainly shot in France, with the collaboration of Jean-Claude Carrière for the screenplay. Adapted from Mirbeau's novel, which took place at the end of the 19th century, the action was transposed in 1928, a time in which Bunuel lived in France the social and political effervescence. The painting of a provincial bourgeoisie, decrepit and impotent while fascist leagues exploit nationalism and visceral anti-Semitism, takes on the appearance of a jubilant revenge thirty years after "An Andalusian dog". The session will be the subject of a presentation, the screening will be followed by a debate. Conditions of entry: club members, UTAM, AVF: 4 € - Non-members: (membership for a session): 5 €. Students, Youth (up to 26 years old): 4 € - - Children (up to 12 years old): 3 €.