Chilla + Josman - concert

Concert at Montauban

16.02.18-chilla-josman rio.jpg
  • "Chilla": unclassifiable artist, "Chilla" varies his personality by rallying the song with a rap to the universe Chill for an electric atmosphere. Starting to talk about her thanks to the covers that she publishes under her real name, taking up pieces of artists such as Kadebostany or Selah Sue, this schizophrenic rapper alternates the lyrics of rap villainous, sometimes egotrip, more or less conscious without inevitably to enter a moralizing or supposed speech, always enriched with sung and melodious refrains. "Josman": the winner of "End of the week" of November 2013 makes a place in French hip-hop with punchlines, handling with ease the transition between rap edgy and rap sung. Today, Josman is certainly an artist who has his place in the music scene of tomorrow!
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