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  • The Montauban film lovers club is organizing a film club session with the film CESAR DOIT MOURIR by Cesare Deve Morire and Paolo and Vittorio Taviani (2012). To play "Julius Caesar", Shakespeare's play by detainees in an Italian prison, is the subject of this half-documentary, half-fiction film directed by the Taviani brothers. The film follows the development of the play, from the essays and the discovery of the text, to the final performance. The lights go out under the applause, the actors become again inmates will return to their cell. But who are these men who will transform themselves into theater actors? Where will this theatrical experience lead them? Back in his cell, the one who interprets "Cassius", in prison for many years, looks for the camera and tells us: "Since I knew the art, this cell has become a prison". Or one who plays the character of Brutus, incarnated by Salvatore Striano, already seen in "Gomorra", who remains one of those who prolong with tenacity the painful question about the need for freedom and the loophole of words . The session will be the subject of a presentation, the screening will be followed by a discussion. The film is screened in the original version (Italian) subtitled in French.
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    5 €
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    4 €
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    3 €