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  • ONLY IN SCENE It's back! stress and excitement .. The smell of the new satchel, shouting and laughter. In the playground ... ... the pieces of gum that fly through the classroom, the children's imagination, their chatter, their brilliance, the stage fright before the end of the year show .. Ms. Carpet is the new teacher of the school. She discovers her new class of CE1, these little humans with great personalities with whom she will share her daily life throughout the year: Erwann and his boundless energy, his friend Pierre insightful but timid, Justin the model student, Marie always in the moon or Lonna and her inner rage. This one-of-a-kind scene, both funny and moving, plunges us into the daily life of a teacher full of good will and her students, all so different and endearing. Like a chameleon, the actress interprets all the characters: the mistress, the children, the colleagues, the inspector ... Schoolbag is a tribute to the profession of school teacher, complex and exciting. A dip in the world of school, universe full of energy and emotions. Small condensed of our society where meet all the personalities. Individual stories, where new collective adventures are taking place and where everyone, child and adult, continues to learn through the other. Rates: 17 € / 14 €
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  • On November 2, 2019 at 9:00 PM