Carnival day

Exhibition at Montauban

06.02.20 au 03.03.20 carnaval.jpg
  • A day of carnival in the Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea is famous for its sandy beaches but it is the heart of the island that is in the spotlight with these images. The city of Cotui is located next to the largest reservoir in the Caribbean. Protected from tourism, it is rich in colors and scents where the air carries South American music. Carnival takes place all year round. It explodes on February 27. The solemn parade of the national holiday then gives way to exuberance. On the same day, children and adults don the traditional outfit and then the carnival costumes. Caught up in the frenzied rhythm of a crazy day, I couldn't resist the pleasure of capturing these images.
  • From February 6, 2020 until March 3, 2020