Caravage les chefs d'œuvre

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  • Show Hector Obalk makes a "stand'up" on Caravaggio's work with his images in very high definition. Complete and unprecedented performance by a passionate and pedagogical specialist, original and not devoid of humor. The spectator follows in detail, and in music, the masterpieces of Caravaggio on images shot in the museums of Rome, Paris, Vienna, London, Dublin, Berlin ... "The excellent Hector Obalk explains us in music the masterpieces of art ... It's very very funny and it's very very rich ?! »Le Monde« It's funny, brilliant and it makes intelligent »VSD« Those who do not know anything will understand everything, and specialists will be surprised to learn things »Télérama Author and director: Hector Obalk RATES: 8/10 €
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  • On December 13, 2019 at 8:30 PM