Capsule Collection - Mrs. Gonse Summer 2018

Workshops at Montauban

09.06 au 10.06 stage collection capsule du.jpg
  • Internship with the artist Florence Garrabé It is said that the man first dressed for aesthetic reasons and not out of necessity. According to the sociologists, he has adorned himself before covering himself and from the beginning of the societies he has sought to beautify himself. Talking about clothing is about sociology, economics or history. It is to translate a language, codes that have constantly evolved to give this object of everyday life a new status, that of sign object. This workshop offers to meet photography, drawing and embroidery around a discipline, that of portraiture. Let's imagine what Mrs. Gonse would look like if she had met Alexander McQueen at the end of a drawing room. Keep the posture and change the codes, make the pattern a bridge between two eras. To summon Arachne, Penelope or Ariane to embroider in the fabric a new story.
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    15 €