Cafés Philo - le Forum des idées

at Montauban

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  • with Julien Cueille, professor of philosophy, a meeting where everyone can take the floor, exchange ideas, unfold the thread of his thoughts or simply listen to a coffee Saturday, October 6 - 10:30 Topic: Should we really be afraid of disasters? ? The apocalypse is in fashion: countless are the "dystopian" scenarios that portray a scary future. Why this contemporary temptation of pessimism? What do the fictions of the end of the world tell us about our society of risk? Between lucidity and re-enchantment, we will try to (re) find reasons to hope! Saturday, December 15 - 10:30 Theme: living & connecting: territories, deterritorialization, borders, geographical spaces to psychic spaces. Are "population movements" explicable by geopoliticians alone? Does the need to cross borders have deeper motives? Survival, of course, but also life. at the hour of the acceleration of the "flows" of all kinds, and the anxieties they awake, it is our own wandering that is in question. How to connect the territories of our living spaces, interior and exterior? Free admission, limited seating available.
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  • On October 6, 2018
  • On December 15, 2018