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  • Café Philo Animated by Julien Cueille - Philosophy Professor SATURDAY 5 OCTOBER - 10:30 "Educate, an impossible job?" Beyond the controversies between "Anciens" and "Moderns", supporters and opponents of the digital, syllabic or Finnish system, the debates on the school can they escape the polemic register? Educate, is this a science that should be entrusted to the "experts"? And what does it mean to teach when knowledge is available on the internet? SATURDAY 14 DECEMBER - 10.30 am "What is freedom in a time of climate change?" As awareness of environmental risks increases, behavioral changes and the many local initiatives are slow to be translated at the global level. . Philosophy invites us to question this paradox: we hold above all our freedom ... but how to understand this one? Freedom to squander the ultimate natural resources and degrade the biosphere, or freedom to choose a less impactful and fair way of life? Are we really free, or even an illusion? Public: teens and adults - free admission - coffee of cultures
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  • On October 5, 2019 at 10:30 AM
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