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  • Thursday, September 19, 2019 8:30 PM O'Boys BD-concert "O'Boys" Cinema La Muse Lavaur - Bressols road (82) After Come Prima and factory whore, Confluences, the Rio and Eidos Cinema propose a new BD-Concert evening which will transport you to the Mississippi of the 30s. Only on stage, the bluesman Olivier Gotti sets to music the O'Boys comic (editions Dargaud, 2016) and more particularly "Midnight Cross road", the third and last volume of this series signed by Steve Cuzor and Stéphan Colman. A powerful story that restores the atmosphere of America after 1929, that of Mark Twain or Steinbeck, against a backdrop of blues, prohibition and racism. Repeating the codes of cinematographic editing, the black and white adaptation of this comic is projected on the big screen. The boxes drawn by Steve Cuzor appear with silent, white bubbles without text. It was then that the world of Tennessee and his music came to life through the singing of Olivier Gotti and his guitar Lapsteel. In the service of history, the blues music replaces the dialogues and makes resonate for 60 minutes the emotion of the work. The summary of the story United States, 1934. Suzy and Huck, two beings bound unmistakably to one detail: one is white, the other is black ... The boy makes an oath: save Charley Williams of the hanging, because by his fault, he is unfairly accused of a murder he did not commit. Unfortunately, the trace of Charley, aka Lucius No Fingers, the man who sought glory and the mythical "crossroads" in the strings of his guitar, was erased under the dust of the streets of "Memphis la Belle". There begins a dangerous treasure hunt with corpses and unanswered questions. Is Charley still alive? To find out, Suzy and Huck will have to dive into the bowels of the blues, knock on the door of the devil. Between the black waters of the Mississippi River and the wetness of the "juke joints" will be a race against death! (Source Olivier Gotti Olivier Gotti is a young French musician. Globetrotting and passionate about music, he decides to make his apron cook to realize his dream: to live of his music. He travels a lot, makes his weapons in bars in England and New Caledonia, learning the humility of those we see without listening. Of his wanderings, he will bring back a certain mastery of the Blues and a faithful companion, his guitar Lapsteel: Weiss. After several tours including international dates such as Jazz à Vienne, Olivier Gotti presents his world in a first 12-track album entitled Little Boy Child, in partnership with Jazz Radio. Solitary and introverted, this bluesman has drawn on his travels, his childhood, his encounters and his journey, to offer his two albums Little Boy Child. and A way to win. He gives us his influences and the musical styles that have forged the musician he has become, with as a conductor the look of child he had younger. One of the originality of Olivier Gotti lies in the use of his guitar Lapsteel: placed on the knees, it is played with both hands including a provided with a bottleneck (see: Ben Harper). This instrument has attracted the artist by its originality: its shape, its position of play but especially its sounds sometimes lyrical, blues, rhythmic ... Following several artistic residencies, Olivier Gotti knew how to perfect his interpretation on stage: he enters in total symbiosis first of all with his instrument but also with the audience. He manages to remain authentic and integrate his feelings and feelings from the moment into his interpretation. Possibility of on-site catering with La Coulée douce Presentation and sale of comic books by the bookshop La femme fox A coproduction Confluences, Eidos and the Rio Presale: 12 € at the counter of Rio / 13 € electronic ticket office On the spot: 12 € for the members / 15 € full price INFORMATION - 05 63 63 57 62 - 05 63 63 44 74 - 05 63 91 19 19
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