Bahia - the origin of Brazil

Cinema at Montauban

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  • In the presence of Pierre Meynadier or Yvonnick Segouin, authors. The film BAHIA The origin of Brazil The story of modern Brazil began in Bahia, where Portuguese settlers landed in 1500. Less than a century later, they planted sugar cane and imported the first African slaves. They also chased the indigenous peoples who occupied the land. Menelaw Sete, a famous Bahian painter, dreamed and painted the story of a escaped slave and a rescued Indian. Both took the direction of the Bay of All Saints where their roads ended up crossing each other. Their meeting lyrical symbolizes the origin of the most mixed country in the world, and the back and forth between past and present can discover this beautiful region and the destiny of the communities that compose it today.
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  • On March 11, 2020 at 5:30 PM