Au mérite et au genre

Dance at Montauban

2019 2020 Prog Théâtre Olympe de Gouges Eurythmie.JPG
  • Tuesday, March 3 / 20:30 / duration 1:15 This piece is a desire to testify, to express through the scene our experience of inequalities still existing in terms of women's rights and freedoms. For this reason, we think that we must question the role of History, which cultivates, testifies and gives us landmarks. It is our duty to pass it on to the new generations so that they can realize the role of each one in dealing with these issues of gender inequality. We would like this piece to connect the past centuries, the experiences of our grandparents, our parents, our present and our children. It is impossible for us to imagine offering them a world where women are not equal to men. Also, to everyone to take responsibility for this important subject, on our side, this piece will be the expression of our responsibility as artists. As part of the Olympe de Gouges Days.
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  • On March 3, 2020 at 8:30 PM