Art de rue - Montauban en Scènes

Local event ,  Festival at Montauban

07.07.2018 Journée arts de Rue.jpg
  • Here is a faithful meeting of the Festival, representing perfectly the diversity of Montauban in Scenes: Street Art! For 4 years now, the city has been gently invaded for a few hours by more magical strolls than the others! This year again festival-goers will be able to find this singular rendezvous, Saturday, July 7 from 10:30 to 13:00 in the streets and squares of the city center. The itineraries and timetables will be communicated on the website of the festival from 1 June Batukada, by the group Bakuruba - Dance and percussion Accompanied by the hip-hop dancers of the "Urban Legends" ZZZ'insectes, by the company Myriam Naisy - Déambulations Insects and spiders are the main characters of this show that will unfold in the streets of Montauban. The company Myriam Naisy will offer festival-goers an aesthetic and poetic lighting on the importance of biodiversity in nature. A unique experience for young and old! Pipototal circus - Pipototal strolls, it's acrobatic poetry on mechanical allegories ... Circassians, surprising machines, musicians, acrobats wander the streets with fantasy and cheerfulness. The Boblins des Bois, by the Coy Stirs - Strolls The joyous troupe of Bôblins is the meeting of animal-men, elves and a giant, musicians and pranksters. Guess, riddles, these fantastic and mischievous beings tell you ... nonsense
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